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Born in 1989, Kuwaiti, small town girl trying to make a difference. BA in Graphic Design from AUK.  Simple, passionatley curious, human being. Since I was a kid, I was notorious for being hard headed and nonconformist. Growing up, those characteristics never seemed to change. They, in a way, helped to push me towards my goals.

As a kid, I remember always being crafty.  I kept on doing collage projects on my notebooks. But I had an even greater passion to discover. My passion for photography started at a young age when my father bought me a Panasonic film camera at the age of 14. Over the years this passion did nothing but grow even more. I bought myself a canon camera and started exploring with long exposure photography. I find myself in peace when shooting landscape photography.  Not only that, but also, time-lapse and light painting photography.

It  wasn't until my college years that I got to understand who I was as a human being, and what were my goals in life. It wasn't until my college years that I became aware of the fact that I am a feminist. I noticed that the majority of my projects in school revolved around some aspect of feminisim. And so naturally, I founded a feminist group as a Capstone project and kept on working on it after I graduated. You can check @neda_q8 on instagram. I get to design products that center on feminisim. In 2014 I started my online store on Instagram where I get to showcase any graphics and calligraphy products that I design, and sell them.


After graduating in June, 2013, my illustration , Don't judge a book by its cover got published on Muslima website, the online International Museum of women, on November, 2013. My piece, expired Good, got showcased in Noon Alneswa exhibition in Dubai, on April, 2014; I won a Behance portfolio award on May 2014.  My, Muslim's Disclaimer's posters,  got showcased in "Talk love, act Peace" exhibition at Cap, Kuwait, on September,2014. Two of "K-town after dark's" photography pieces got showcased at Kuwait's Public Awqaf Foundation exhibition on the 14th of January, 2015. In April, 2016 was interviewed in Good morning Kuwait to talk about my store.


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