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Actor Terry Crews, NOT an Airhead after all!

I'm guilty when it comes to passing judgment on actor and former football player Terry Crews. I used to not think much of him. The roles he played on TV were a huge factor in shaping my thoughts. His roles lacked depth, and doing nothing but flaunting his muscular body, MOST OF THE TIME, on screen didn't help him much. I used to think he is but a womanizer.

Watching a recent interview he did addressing “Man Code” and modern masculinity really changed my mind. His realization for the need of change is inspiring.

He said, he has gotten a mixed reaction from former NFL colleagues regarding his public remarks supporting feminism and calling on men to get past outdated ideas regarding gender roles. Some, he said, will grab him “by the meat of the arm” and defend sexist behavior by saying, “It’s Man Code, dude. Man Code!”

Terry Crews replies:

“Does ‘Man Code’ work when it’s your daughter who gets raped?” Crews responded. “‘Man Code’ — does that work when your mom gets abused?”

LOVE his response.

Watch the whole interview.

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