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McDonald's Kuwait, Epic Fail delivery service!

After seeing the much publicized ads on the newspapers and on the internet about McDonald's delivery service, me and my family thought that it would come in handy and be a great thing; Turned out to be exactly the opposite. We tried calling 1878787, McDonald's Kuwait delivery number, last week, but the guy who replied said: "Sorry the service is not available now". A week passed and my brother heard from his friends at school that they started ordering from McDonald from home. So, we called at 5,45 pm and the man told us to call back in 45 minutes. And so we did, and again, he told us call again in 15 minutes to place an order. Finally, at 7,45 we placed an order but they told us it wouldn't be delivered until 10 pm!!! ETHA MO GADHA LAISH 7A6EN 5DMAT ELTW9EL... We got our order at 10 pm exactly, which was the only good thing. However, they didn't put any napkins, ketchup, spoons for the ice-cream, or even straws for our drinks! I'm not going to bother with their fail delivery service again. It's so much faster and easier to get it by driving there.

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